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Barakah Muslim Association of Greater Chicago is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, EIN: 72-1598043established in 2005 to serve the growing Abyssinian Muslim community of Chicago. The name "Barakah" was chosen after the Abyssinian Muslim woman, Barakah Umm Ayman, who helped raise and nurture our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and whom he described as being a mother to him after his own mother.

Our inspiration was with the Prophet (ﷺ) in times of hardship and in times of ease. She rejoiced with him at the birth of his daughter, consoled him when his wife passed away and was present on the battlefield to support his endeavors in advancing Islam. 

Located in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood, its mission is to serve the religious, educational, social, economic, and cultural needs of our community and to promote unity, not only within our community but also within the ummah. In addition to year-round offerings of Islamic lectures, community events, and youth activities, we also offer funeral service assistance to those in need.

Just as our dear Barakah Umm Ayman was beside the Prophet (ﷺ) from the cradle to the grave, Barakah Chicago, with our welcoming culture and diverse programming for all ages, hopes to emulate our namesake by pillaring our community for a lifetime.


Barakah Chicago’s mission is advancing the cause of Islam and serving Muslims in the Chicago area. This is done by arranging various Islamic, educational, social, and cultural activities in accordance with Islam, responding to the social and economic needs of its members, promoting unity, and better relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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